Pixel Squares

We stock all the different coloured pixel squares. Use these to create endless different designs. Take a look through our patterns here or why not create your own bespoke pattern here

If you would prefer, take a look through our kits which contain all the pixel squares you will need, along with the pattern and baseplates.

Both the Pixel Classic (10 dpi) as the Pixel XL (5 dpi) are made of 94% natural (sugar cane) raw materials.

These materials are 100% recyclable.

All Pixelhobby products are free from toxic materials.

The Pixels from Pixelhobby are sustainable.

The Pixel XL from Pixelhobby are reusable.

I'm Green

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  1. Classic Pixel Squares
    Classic Pixel Squares

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  2. XL Pixel Squares
    XL Pixel Squares

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